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  • SPEED Family

    Tire machines: Wheel Alignment Machine, Tire Changer, Wheel Balancer ,Lift and so on.

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    3d wheel alignment SP-3D-3H

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    3d wheel alignment SP-3D-6

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    tire changer SP-812+LH730

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    wheel balancer SP-968

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    4 post lift SP-P4640

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    2 post lift SP-SL1

  • Who is SPEED?

    Speed focuses on tire repair equipment including wheel alignment, tire changer, wheel balancer, lift , tire inflator, and other tools. Our professional and aspiring team has made a number of milestones in designing machines for tire service.


    We are committed to providing advanced equipment and total solutions for our customers. Speed always serve all the workshops in the world.

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    Mr. Wu

    Shipping manager

    Deal with shipping issues for wheel alignment machine, tire changer, wheel balancer and lift.

    automotive alignment equipment

    Mrs. Lee

    Account manager

    Deal with all the payment issues with our customers.

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    Mr. Gong

    Product manager

    Deal with production process for our garage equipment.

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    Ms. Lee

    Buyer manager

    Deal with all issues for the raw materials.

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    Mr. Wang

    After-sale service

    Deal with all issues for after-sale service of our automotive equipment.

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    Mr. Shen

    Software engineer

    Deal with new development of software for wheel aligner.

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    Mr. Zhang

    QC manager

    Deal with quality control before shipment for all the machines.

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    Mr. Xu

    Mechanical manager

    Deal with all the mechanical design for car alignment equipment.

  • SPEED Operation Videos

    3d wheel alignment SP-3D-3H

    3d wheel alignment SP-3D-2

    wheel balancer SP-968

    tire changer SP-812+LH730

    tire changer SP-812

    tire spreader SP-503

  • What training is required to operate a 3D wheel alignment machine?


    To operate a 3D wheel alignment machine, specialized training is required, covering:

    1. Wheel alignment basics: Understanding alignment angles, suspension systems, and the importance of proper alignment.
    2. Equipment operation: Learning to set up the machine, mount targets/clamps, calibrate cameras, and navigate the software.
    3. Vehicle preparation: Ensuring correct tire pressure, suspension inspection, and working on a level surface.
    4. Alignment process: Performing measurements and adjustments using the machine, following manufacturer guidelines.
    5. Troubleshooting and maintenance: Addressing issues, calibrating, and maintaining the machine for optimal performance.

    Training sources include manufacturer-provided programs, online courses, automotive schools, or on-the-job training under experienced technicians. Training duration varies from a few days to several weeks, depending on equipment complexity and trainee experience. 

  • How to choose suitable machines for workshop?

    It depends on workshop size, budget, number of employees.

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    1. Workshop Size

    First, you have to decide how many repair bays you need.

    Generally, a separate service bay is required for wheel alignment. An other service bay for tyre disassembly and repair. Tires and tools can be installed on nearby walls.

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    2. Budget

    Choose lift or pit for wheel alignment.

    Most new starters with limited budget will dig a pit instead of lift. Don't worry about the accuracy. These 2 ways are exactly the same. Wheel alignment machine can be used for lift or pit, you just tell the supplier you need to dig a pit or use lift. Then will give you the corresponding installation parts.

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    3. Number of employees

    You will need professional worker for wheel alignment.

    Generally, a workshop needs at least 3 workers. The worker who do wheel alignment is required to be professional. Many workshops will directly hire experienced wheel alignment worker, which makes business easier. No matter what brands of wheel alignment machine the worker used before, this is not important. The key is to have rich experience in vehicle alignment angles adjustment.

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